Monday, September 8, 2008

What is computer forensics?

Computer forensics (also known as digital forensics) is the practice of identifying, seizing, analyzing, and reporting computer/digital evidence including, but not limited to hard drives, removable storage devices and media, PDAs, cell phones, etc. The process follows stringent protocol to adhere to the evidentiary rule in a court of law.


Smishing (Cell Phone Scam)

A new scam involving cell phones has emerged. Identity thieves have long used "phishing" in e-mails to obtain personal and financial information from victims. This new scams involves SMS (Short Message Service) called "smishing". A potential victim receives a text message to their cell phone posing as a financial institution stating that their account has been compromised and links them to a fraudulent website where the thief again try to gain access to the account numbers.

If you receive a phone call asking you to verify your personal information hang up immediately. Legitimate financial institutions will never do this.

If you did not initiate the contact hang up or delete the message immediately.

Report suspicious emails, text messages, or phone calls the to the Federal Trade Commission at or by calling 1-877-IDTHEFT

Sunday, August 17, 2008

iPhone Forensics Workshop

September 16-17
Burlington Marriot, Burlington MA
8:30am - 4:30pm EST

$3500 per person*

* Contact us for special Law Enforcement pricing (available to sworn, active duty officers)

The workshop is geared toward security experts and law enforcement officials interested in recovering information from the iPhone. The two day workshop will give these individuals hands on experience of recovering and processing evidence via forensic examination of both an iPhone and an iPhone 3G. Attendees will receive a special binder edition of iPhone Forensics, a USB keychain containing tools used and an electronic copy of the book. The cost to attend is $3,500.00 with special pricing available to law enforcement professionals.

Students will learn about what kinds of evidence are stored on the devices, what to do to prepare you environment for a forensics investigation, breaking into passcode-protected device, assembly of a customer recovery toolkit for the iPhone, how to effectively interrupt the iPhone 3G’s “secure wipe” process. Plus many other topics and hands on activities.

Additional details regarding the Workshop can be found here . Contact O’Reilly for information about future classes in other areas of the country