Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Post: Forensic 4cast 2011 Awards/ Digital Forensics With Open Source Tools

The Forensic 4cast Awards are upon us and Lee Whitfield has compiled the nominations (in case you missed it....nominations are BY the digital forensic community that WE voted on, so as Douglas Brush stated, file your complaint here ), and it's time to commence voting once again. So get over there and VOTE! Congratulations to the nominees:
Harlan Carvey, Rob Lee, Ryan Kubasiak, Ken Pryor, Matt Churchill, Jonathan Rajewski, Joe Garcia's CyberCrime101 podcast, Lee Whitfield's Forensic 4cast podcast, Ovie Carroll's CyberSpeak podcast, et al. The Forensic 4cast Awards will be presented in Austin, Texas at the 2011 SANS Forensics Summit in June. 

Digital Forensics With Open Source Tools by Cory Altheide & Harlan Carvey

DFWOST is available and shipping! I ordered mine Wednesday afternoon and received in Friday afternoon. Good job Syngress! 
I "broke the seal" and began drinking from the well of digital forensic youth and couldn't put it down. It'll definitely be a great addition and practical field-guide for my digital forensic arsenal! As Rob Lee stated, "Digital Forensics- MacGyver style!"
There are plenty of books out there that cover bit level forensic analysis and DFWOST focuses on the practical aspect and application of open source tools for the forensics practitioner. At first look, DFWOST appears be a solid contribution that should be welcomed by the community, re-affirming this argument. I plan on completing a full Amazon book review once I complete DFWOST.