Monday, November 22, 2010

Computer Forensics: Caffeine-Induced Monday Ramblings

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share a few items I think are newsworthy. First, the new & improved SANS Computer Forensics Blog has been updated. Check it out at (Hats off to Rob Lee and the web development team at SANS). The SANS Forensics blog has a new look with this enhancement as well. The SANS Forensics blog has had an awesome amount of traffic today, so if you have trouble loading the site or the blog, please keep that in mind.

Some of you will remember the recent SANS blog reader's survey. A lot of the comments and feedback that that were sent in by the forensics community during this survey were shared with the blog team and with SANS Institute. A lot of these suggestions were used and integrated into the new SANS Computer Forensics webpage and blog, so thank you readers! Look for some good things on the SANS blog in the near future based on feedback from the reader's survey.

Open Source Digital Forensics- Brian Carrier's new and improved OSDF site is now live. Brian discussed this at the WACCI conference. This brings to mind, there is always discussion about "court approved" forensic tools. I encourage you to read Brian Carrier's white paper here (PDF) on open source forensic tools.

Certification, Licensing, and Accreditation in Digital Forensics- Eric Huber shares some good information on getting certified, saying no to digital forensic licensing, and accreditation. Make sure you read the comments! Good information  Eric!

* Harlan Carvey shares some registry information here that was posted by a member of the Win4n6 Yahoo Group! If you do not follow and share with this group, you should.

* NIJ (National Institute of Justice) releases their computer forensic tool testing reports. A great page for reference, especially when you may to defend/validate your tool on the witness stand. great resource by Matt Churchill and Joe Garcia. Have an artifact you'd like to share? Submit it through

* Andrew Hoog with ViaForensics posted his iPhone Forensics White Paper here.

* Ken Pryor, fellow SANS blog author, has started his own blog here.

* Checkout Ira Victor's (fellow SANS blog author) The CyberJungle- The News and Talk on Security, Privacy, and The Law

* This week's Digital Forensic Case Leads was posted this morning here, delivered by Ray Davidson.

* In the podcasts, it is great to see Ovie back behind the mic delivering CyberSpeak. Please send Ovie e-mail and tell him how much CyberSpeak rocks!

December should be awesome on the forensic podcast front! From the rumor mill, an "Inside the CyberCrime 4cast Speak" podcast is in the works, which will bring 4 podcasts together for one big show!! It'll be interesting to see how this one develops. Stay tuned...