Saturday, April 2, 2011

The new Digital Forensic Source blog

This is just a quick entry to inform readers that the CFS blog is now the DFS (Digital Forensic Source) blog, located at Please update those bookmarks and RSS feeds to, if you bookmarked For those of you that have been following the blog, you'll recall my blog post "Computer Forensics: What's in a name. After all it's only a name." We need to be consistent with our terminology in all facets of digital forensics and the community seems to be steering to digital forensics vs. computer forensics, and I want the blog to be consistent with the voice of the DF community.

Speaking of community, David Kovar wrote a great blog post to his blog, called "Fragmentation of the digital forensics community". Jonathan Krause delivered a response on his blog to David's post, which is also a good read. David discusses his viewpoints and divisive things we continue to do to fragment our community. David Sullivan also blogged about Belonging and Community; Harlan also discusses community in his blog.

Are you on Twitter? Twitter seems to be where it is happening these days. I remember when our little forensic twitter community was just made up of a few folks, most of whom I knew through Twitter and had the pleasure of meeting during a SANS Conference in Chi-town (you know who you are). Now the #DFIR twitter forensic community has really grown and brought DF practitioners together, using Twitter as a networking and communication tool. #DFIR is the official hash tag the digital forensic community is using on Twitter. Join in the conversation!

April Fool's Day
Lee Whitfield with Forensic 4cast calls it quits to join Mark McKinnon in tag team wresting. Lee Whitfield is The Blue Dongle! Of course, Douglas Brush with The Digital Forensics Group, completed some spring cleaning with his Disk Images blog post.