Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick Post: Digital Forensics in the Courtroom

If you have been following the Casey Anthony murder trial, you probably have heard testimony regarding digital evidence. If you are new to digital forensics or have never testified in court these are good training videos:

1) Casey Anthony Trial: Digital Forensic expert testimony here. (Day 24 Part III through XII) [Hats off to the Orange County Sheriff's Office Computer Crimes Squad....good work!]. A Computer Forensics Report {unsure of authenticity} can be found via Google, which is a good read.

2) David Kovar also tweeted about a good video to watch regarding expert testimony. Moral of this story? Be prepared; do not inflate your CV (e.g. education, experience, certifications, etc); and, know the boundaries of your expertise.

Orlando Sentinel YouTube channel- live trial coverage. Presently, Orange County Sheriff's Office Digital Forensic Expert on the stand discussing browser history and carved keywords from unallocated space from the Anthony computer.
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