Thursday, January 19, 2012

DFIROnline: Connecting the DFIR Community (January Meetup)

DFIROnline is an opportunity to meet-up monthly (informally) with other DFIR practitioners. It is being held the third Thursday of every month @ 2000 hours ET. If you missed tonight's meet-up the archive will be posted soon. Props to Mike Wilkinson for taking the initiative to organize (organise for Lee Whitfield) DFIROnline.
Leave comments or feedback from tonight's meet-up. These informal meet-ups are a great idea and the digital forensics community was out in force this evening. Participation (# of attendees) tripled compared to the first DFIROnline meet up in December, which is archived and can be viewed here. Great presentations this evening by Harlan Carvey on "Malware Detection with An Acquired Image" and Eric Huber on "The Advanced Persistent Threat or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DF/IR". {Be a sheep dog!}
I enjoy watching Harlan present. He always delivers a practical (something that can be implemented now into your DFIR toolkit/processes) presentation, the DFIR analyst/investigator can understand and deploy immediately. Eric also delivered a great presentation on the APT...What it is and what it is not; drawing upon his knowledge of history, to demonstrate and define the APT. Make sure you catch the next DFIROnline meet-up on Thursday, February 16, 2012. 

Checkout the future line-up already scheduled for this year:

Feb 16 2012 Peter Coons and John Clingerman: Case studies in e-discovery  
                        Jon Rajewski     TBA
Mar 15 2012 Hal Pomeranz: Linux Forensics for non Linux users        
                        Corey Harrell: Ripping Volume Shadow Copies - Tracking User Activity

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