Friday, June 22, 2012

Preview: #DFIRSummit 2012

SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit 2012 is just days away and begins June 26th. The pre-summit training courses began June 20th and are going on now. The agenda has been posted, as well as the speaker line-up. The 2012 Forensic 4cast Awards are at 9AM Central, Wednesday June 27th and will be streamed LIVE from the Summit (link will be posted later). Lee Whitfield posted to Twitter that the awards are secured, under lock and key in an undisclosed location.
I will be attending the Summit and looking forward to re-connecting with old friends and meeting new friends. Make sure that you follow us on Twitter @DFSource for live updates from the Summit. #DFIRSummit is the official hash tag of the SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit. 

#DFIRSummit & Volatility Goodness:
Lee Whitfield, Brian Moran, Cindy Murphy, and Tom Yarrish. delivered the unofficial Forensic 4cast Awards via Google+ Live Hangout. In case you missed it here are the results:
  • Forensic dance of the year – Hal Pomeranz 
  • Shiniest head in digital forensics – Rob Lee
  • Wussiest punch in DFIR – Dave Kovar
  • Forensic Tool of the year – Mark McKinnon
  • Forensic beard of the year – David Cowen
  • Best photoshop of Lee Whitfield – J-Michael Roberts, Brian Moran, Mark McKinnon
  • Most confusing presentation – Hal Pomeranz
  • Handsomest male forensicator – Joseph Shaw
  • Prettiest female forensicator – Lee Whitfield
  • The “Not Bad for an Old Guy” Award – Ovie Carroll
  • Most unpronounceable name in forensics- Kristinn Gudjonsson

See you in Austin and make sure to follow the Summit happenings via our Twitter feed @DFSource and #DFIRSummit, the official hash tag of the Summit. 

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